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Nelson P. Ragas Sr. - Author-Creator

      Nelson Paul Ragas Sr. is the creator of P’Knocks. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. However, he grew up in a small Louisiana town called Phoenix. Growing up, Nelson struggled with anger, self-confidence, and peer pressure. Throughout his childhood, Nelson often met other children who struggled with low self-esteem and behavior problems. They lacked motivation and many of them had little or no support. This was heartbreaking for Nelson because he too was dealing with some of the same issues. Later in his life, Nelson was inspired by his daughter Alissa's interest in animated characters. She enjoyed watching educational shows where the characters made learning fun and exciting. One day, God gave Nelson a vision of a children's character that was both fun and educational. P'Knocks was born!

Nelson created P’Knocks to educate and encourage children all over the world. He believes that children should have access to safe and supportive learning environments. P'Knocks encourages children to stay positive and never give up on their dreams. P'Knocks teaches children that doing the right thing and being a good person is cool. Nelson Ragas works diligently, daily, to bring awareness of his P'Knocks character and to educate and empower children everywhere. He is blessed with a loving and supportive family and currently works as an officer for the Hammond, Louisiana Police Department.